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Lilly Pulitzer Sale Hacks 2015

Twice a year, Lilly Pulitzer does a huge sale with amazing markdowns!! If you're familiar with Lilly, then you would know, items do not go on sale; except at the semi-annual sales. If you've ever tried to shop this sale, then you'd know it's insane, and every other year the site has crashed within minutes of the start of the sale. However, this year, the Lilly team decided to create a line to shop the site, first come first serve. After checking out, you're placed at the end of the line. Items will fly out of your cart, so fast check outs are necessary, but that wasn't an option this year. However, I did notice that items did not leave my cart as quickly. View Lilly's sale tips here.

Items in the Lilly sale disappear within minutes, so chances are, you didn't get all the items you wanted. However, what most people don't know is that you can also shop the sale on other Lilly signature store online sites. Below is a list of all the Lilly signature sites I could find that are participating in the sale. If you know of any others, definitely let me know and I'll add it to the list. Some of their prices may be more expensive, and some may be cheaper. Some items from other Lilly signature sites weren't even featured in the After Party Sale on Lilly's official site. If you're looking for a certain item, browse through the sites below, and you might be lucky enough to find it!

Cloister Collection
C. Orrico
In the Pink
Ocean Palm
The Pink Crab
The Pink Door
The Pink Pelican
Splash of Pink
Under the Palm Tree

For those of you who emailed, tweeted, commented, etc., below is what I purchased from the sale. I'm really tempted to get a few skorts and maybe some tops, but I know I really don't need them and should save my money.. decisions.. decisions. Here are some of my other favorites from the sale.

Lei Lei Silk Halter Top in Red Right Return

Maisy Strappy Racerback Slip Dress in Big Flirt

Janice Shift Dress in Shorely Blue

Devlin Sweater Dress in Magenta

It's A Keeper Smart Phone ID Wristlet in Big Flirt

Tweet me photos of what you got from the sale (@daria__smith) or @ me on Instagram (@countryandclass), I'd love to see what you got!! Also, if you have any other tips for the sale or anything else you'd like to share, I encourage you to leave a comment. Also, let me know if you want to see a YouTube video on my after party sale haul and what fall/bts blog posts you'd like to see. Hope this post helped y'all. Happy shopping!!


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