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The All Prep Pullover by Southern Proper

If anything has taken over my closet this season, it's definitely Southern Proper's all prep pullover. This sounds ridiculous, but after two years, I've acquired 6. I am a pullover enthusiast (half of my winter wardrobe, it's a serious problem) and I don't think I've ever loved a pullover this much. If you would like to make a purchase from Southern Proper, you can use the code "xcgal98" for 15% off your entire purchase.

I used to wear my Patagonia pullover fleece or North Face full zip everywhere, but I have rarely worn either this year if I'm being honest. Even my Vineyard Vines shep shirts have seen neglect this season, I just really love the all prep pullover!! It's an extremely warm, thick fleece with several adorable styles to pick from. My favorites that I own include the traditional tartan trim (hunter green, navy, grey), fair isle (cedar, grey), + old glory with stars + stripes on the trim. 

I find the pullover great for class and time spent outside (bonfires, hiking, yard work, + any outdoor activity). If you've ever been to a bonfire, then you're familiar with the unpleasant odor left on your clothes. I do a lot of hiking and exploring, and always reach for an all prep pullover on the colder days. I wash my pullovers on cold and hang them up to air-dry. Even after several washes, the fleece is still in perfect condition, and the outdoor/bonfire odor goes away completely. Note that I've also spilled hot coffee, fallen in a mud puddle, and fallen into a creek while wearing these pullovers and they came out in perfect condition after a good wash. These pullovers are Daria-proof, thus they're awesome for anyone else whom may be accident prone and survive accidents well. 

I typically pair my all prep pullovers with jeans or leggings and bean boots. Southern Proper's frat hats look great with the all prep pullover! On the colder days (when it falls under 35-40 degrees), I like to layer a fleece vest (Columbia, Vineyard Vines) under my all prep pullover and it keeps me really warm. I get an XS (note this is mens sizing) because that is the smallest size produced and I prefer an oversized fit. To help with sizing, I am 5'2 and this pullover covers my butt allowing it to be worn with leggings. I've gone as far to layer this with a tee, fleece vest, sweatshirt, and then wore the pullover on top of everything, still allowing a comfortable fit.

This is one of the first clothing items I would recommend to everyone: either gender and every age group. As you can see, I live in these pullovers. My father has the navy with tartan trim and loves it. I've even convinced my fourteen year old brother to wear one. A bunch of my friends (girls and guys) wear these pullovers, and I do see them wearing their pullovers quite often. I'm 90% sure my grandmother would wear an all prep pullover frequently if I got her one. If these pullovers were made in baby + child sizes, they would be awesome for that age group.

The decision of which pullover to purchase is very difficult. I do find myself wearing the grey with tartan trim the most. However, my favorite is the old glory with stars and stripes on the lining.  I can not stress enough how much I love these pullovers, 100% worth the investment! I give the all prep pullover a 10 out of 5 stars. Note after you purchase one, you'll soon be back to get your second.

Do you have an all prep pullover? Did you decide to purchase one after reading this post? Tweet (@dariasmithyt) or tag me in a photo on Instagram (@dariasmithyt) with your all prep pullover or any Southern Proper gear, and I would love to see it!


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  1. I have searched everywhere for the green and white Star like southern proper pullover you have on!!! Any advice on where to find it?