Jan 11, 2016

Year In Review: 2015 on Country and Class

2015 has been quite a year for the blog. Country and Class is a year old as of January 3rd. In 2015, 31 posts were made on the blog (a much smaller number than I was hoping for). My goal for the year was 52 posts, for posting once a week, but life got the best of me. Regardless, I did manage to shoot some awesome outfits last year.

In 2015, I partnered with ShopStyle to bring you shoppable image carousel widgets. This was a big improvement for the blog in my opinion, making it much easier so shop my outfit. I've also posted about some awesome sales + helpful shopping tips throughout the year. 

For 2016, I am shooting for 104 posts, hoping for twice a week. I want to do two outfit posts a week and what ever other posts I decide to do. It's hard balancing the blog with my YouTube channel when  I have work and school, but I will certainly try my best.

Here's to hoping 2016 is awesome! I can't wait to see what new opportunities this year brings.


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