Feb 21, 2016

Sunday Shopping 2.21.16 // J. Crew Spring '16

J. Crew just released their Spring '16 catalog and killed it. Stripes + Bright Stuff, what more could you ask of J. Crew? I am really loving the overall theme of the whole catalog, very well-done. This definitely inspired me to start planning my getaway plan

New Arrivals

J. Crew

Sandals: 1 . 2 . 3 // Accessories 1 . 2 . 3

Country Club Prep had some great new arrivals this week! I was unfamiliar with The Mallard until this week when CCP added their line of sandals to the site. I am very impressed with the cute styles, and they look to be high quality. I'm sure you're familiar with KJP, and loving his new accessory line. PSA: CCP just restocked YETI rambler tumblers, so get them while you can!! If you would like a code for 20% off your purchase to CCP, email me at xcgal98@gmail.com.

I love doing these posts! Let me know what's on your shopping list.


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  1. I just love getting all the new season 'it' catalogs too! Adorable-Katelyn
    The Yellow Spectacles


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