Feb 8, 2016

Sunday Shopping 2/7

Country Club Prep has a ton of amazing new arrivals!! Email me at xcgal98@gmail.com for a discount code giving you 20% your entire order. I am very impressed with Southern Tide's new women's line! 

These are comparable to the J. Crew chino shorts, except a bit stretchier (I personally own a pair).

The Charleston scalloped dress reminds me Lilly Pulitzer; this style closely resembles Lilly's Janice Shift. The light blue hue also look similar to a classic color called "Shorely Blue," which Lilly brings back with every collection. The Sea Breeze dress reminds me of dresses I've seen carried in boutiques, and I think Tide has done a great job!

Southern Tide released some awesome basics for women (great basics like J. Crew). This silk cami looks just like J. Crew's carrie cami. The simple tanks and v-necks also remind me of J. Crew's cotton basics (which is always a good thing). The oxford reminds me of Polo's classic oxford. I am loving the polo as it resembles the classic vibe of Vineyard Vines and Polo. The gingham popover also looks like something J. Crew would create.

I really like the colors and simplicity of this classic swimsuit.

I am definitely not a fan of Forever 21 due to their lack of quality. However, I do like trendy basics to style with my cowboy boots. When purchasing trendy pieces, I do not look for high quality items. I look to spend as little as possible because these items will come and go out of style quickly. I normally won't buy a top or shorts unless they're under $20 or dresses and rompers under $25 from F21. F21 has an awesome of simple, cheap, trendy basics for spring! I have had some pieces last a few years as long as I do not put them through the wash.

I am also a big fan of H&M for simple, boho basics. Once again, the quality isn't great, but better than Forever 21, depending the item. You will see H&M and Forever 21 make a lot of similar items.

I am also on the hunt for a new pair of bohemian strappy sandals. I really love the Werkit style by Steve Madden in gold, but they are $60, and I am not sure I want to spend that on a pair of trendy sandals. However, I have heard that Steve Madden makes good quality shoes. The alternative is getting a cheap pair of trendy sandals from Forever 21 or a boutique.

Hope you enjoyed this week's shopping post! Be sure to leave a comment or tweet me your favorite new arrivals in store.


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