Mar 31, 2016

Weekly Digest 3.31.16

Busy, Busy

As I mentioned in last week's Weekly Digest post, I stated that I would be spending a week in Alabama. I left Tuesday in the afternoon right when I got off work and got home late Sunday night. I also have a few changes with school adding a heavy load to my daily to-do's. I am working with this new schedule, but my life is in overdrive right now so please bear with me. I do have a plan/schedule for posting but just not enough hours in the day to complete it all.


 I recently had to withdraw from the anatomy class I was taking at college for the dual-enrollment program (this lets me earn high school and college credit for courses). However, I still need a science credit to graduate high school so I am taking an APEX Earth Science course which requires me to be at the high school for an hour every day. I am completing a unit each day which takes 2-3 hours at home, so I should be finished in 2-3 weeks.

Also, I will be officially done with high school the first week of May and I can not wait!! As soon as I am done with school, you better bet I will be working on content to share with you 24/7. I have so many things planned for this Summer and will be taking you along on my adventures. 

Alabama Trip

My best friend lives in Alabama and I love going to visit her. We always have such a good time and last week certainly did not disappoint; it may be the most fun we've ever had to date. To say the least, it was a crazy week and I wouldn't have wanted to spend my spring break anywhere else. 

We spent most of our time on the lake and outside enjoying the lovely weather. We even filmed the first Explore With Me video and a corresponding blog post with more awesome pics. I'll be going back in two weeks and am considering making a Weekend in my Life vlog.

How gorgeous is this sunset on the lake? By the way, there's no filter; this photo
 is all natural. God never fails to amaze me with his amazing creations.

We always go on Dunkin runs; it's almost a tradition.

Plot twist: cats like to cuddle?

Insta Lately

Loving this pink + mint combo from Southern Tide via Country Club Prep {email me at for 20% off}

chacos {1, 2}

top // jeans // earrings // flats // watch

Thanks for reading this week's Weekly Digest post and keeping up my life!

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Mar 30, 2016

Explore With Me: Little Grand Canyon

I spent my spring break in Alabama and stayed with my best friend. We both share the love of the lake, chacos, and the outdoors. It was such a great week and I can't wait for trips over there this Summer!

One of our favorite hiking locations is Providence Canyon in Lumpkin, Georgia. Many Americans refer to Providence as the "little grand canyon." If you've seen the Grand Canyon, I can't say Providence will amaze you, but it is certainly breathtaking. 

Note that your GPS is likely to lose service near the canyon, so I recommend printing out directions before you leave. You can walk inside the canyon if you take the path that leads to the trail {keep in mind that you have to follow the signs and go off the trail to really experience the canyon}. There is a hiking trail you can take to view the top of the canyon or you can cheat and drive over to the canyon lookout. 

There are two separate sets of canyons: 1-3 and 4-6, so plan time for several hours to hike around Providence. There are also a few playgrounds if you are traveling with children. Parking is $5 per car and the rangers are very friendly. I've been here on sunny days and rainy days, and it's beautiful either way. Do come prepared for the weather.

I also filmed the first installment to the Explore With Me series  that I am starting on my YouTube channel while at Providence, so definitely check it out to travel along on the adventure.

Comment down below if you have been to Providence Canyon or tag me on social media if you decide to go after reading this post.


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Mar 26, 2016

Pink + Mint

top: Southern Tide via Country Club Prep c/o // shorts: Southern Tide via Country Club Prep c/o // sandals: Jack Rogers via Country Club Prep c/o // earrings: Kate Spade {sold out} // watch: Kate Spade

Email me ( for 20% off your entire purchase on Country Club Prep.

Pink and mint are such a fun combo, so why not wear them together? If you haven't seen Southern Tide's women's line, you're missing out!! Luckily, the entire line is available on Country Club Prep, but shop soon because things are selling out quickly. I got the gingham popover and shorts shown above along with this scalloped dress, which was on the blog last week. 

I wear the Jack Rogers navajo sandal in platinum several times a week, which are also sold on CCP, and you get 20% off {crazy because these almost shoes never go on sale}. Anyways, I highly recommend you pick up a pair of jacks ASAP if you don't own them already since they can be paired with anything.

Thanks for tuning in to today's post + thank God it's finally warm!


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Mar 24, 2016

Weekly Digest 3.24.16: New Schedule

Well, I've decided to start a new series here on the blog. I think it so fun and very engaging for my audience to share my personal life with you in my videos, blog posts, and other photos shared on social media. Not only does engaging with you make my role as a content creator more enjoyable and rewarding, but it also provides me with good feedback on what content to create to make my content more enjoyable for you, the reader. Thus, I am starting a new series called Weekly Digest which will recap my current thoughts, plans, and anything I would like to share with you in addition to summarizing my week.

I have really been rethinking my approach towards youtube and blogging. With my general outlook on life, I want to give my all in everything I do. Thus, I do not want to lack in any area and be the best I can be. There will always be room for improvement in every aspect of life, but I have seen so many opportunities for improvement with YouTube and my blog. 

*Note, this post is longer than normal as I have a lot more to talk about than normal with all the changes.

New Schedule 

A schedule is definitely necessary for posts on my Youtube channel and blog, that way y'all will know when to expect new content and check it out. Ideally, I would like to produce new content for you to check out every day. I definitely want to post 2 new videos a week on Monday and Friday, and outfit posts on Tuesday and Saturday. You will see more blog posts than videos, obviously because videos take a lot more time to create as you have to film, edit, export, and then upload. Also, I may have extra blog posts up on Monday and Friday that correspond to the videos being posted. 

Instagram is another entirely different concept. I would like to post once or twice daily, definitely daily depending on how much good content I can produce. I like to use Instagram to let you know about new things I am loving and when new videos and/or blog posts go live. Now, I do not always have good photos to support blog posts and videos, so this does not always happen. I would also like to establish a certain time that I post every day for the best engagement.

I use Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr to also links and photos from videos and blog posts along with photos I use on Instagram. Definitely follow me on all social media to see all aspects of my life and join the fun to stay connected. ;)
  • Sunday: Sunday Shopping post on the blog
  • Monday: new video
  • Tuesday: outfit post on the blog
  • Wednesday: new video or blog post, depending on the time I have
  • Thursday: Weekly Digest post on the blog
  • Friday: new video on YouTube
  • Saturday: outfit post on the blog

GoPro: Explore With Me

I just purchased a GoPro camera last week after such a long time of contemplation on which model to get and whether or not it was worth it. I ended up getting the Hero Silver 4 model, but actually snagged it on sale at BestBuy. In case you're looking into a GoPro, mine came with waterproof housing and additional attachments so I don't have to spend extra $, so that is something to consider when purchasing.

 My whole intent on purchasing this camera was to be able to film Explore With Me videos on my YouTube channel. However, I needed a good quality waterproof camera. In this series, you will come along with me on my adventures! Last summer, I filmed a Week in My Life video and got such good feedback from the footage at Roswell Mill that I was inspired to start this series. I am not sure if I will just put music over exploring clips or insert vlog clips, likely both. Depending on the photos I get, I will also be creating corresponding Explore With Me photos on the blog as I did for Indians Seats and Sweetwater Creek State Park

Spring Break

I am going to Alabama to spend spring break with my best friend, Taylor, this week; driving up sometime between Tuesday-Thursday and coming home Easter Sunday. I plan to film the first installment to the Explore With Me series and a Week in My Life video. We might also film the Best Friend Tag depending on time. Ahhh I am so excited to spend time with Tay!! Taylor used to live a mile away from me and has been my best friend since fifth grade. Sadly, she moved away in 9th grade, but we have remained best friends. Distance will really show you how close you are with someone.

Summer Plans

As many of you know I work as a sales associate at Vineyard Vines, and have for the past year and 7 months. Sadly, I will be leaving this job in early June because I will be away for most of the summer and moving away for college in August. Over the summer, I will be traveling across the east coast and staying with some of my friends whom are fellow YouTubers and bloggers. Some of the possible locations include Birmingham, Raleigh, Lexington, Richmond, Chicago, and VidCon in L.A. I will either be staying with them or they are staying with me in Atlanta. We are definitely open to doing meet-ups this Summer, so if you would like us to, let me know the location and I will see what I can do. 


I decided where I was attending college a few weeks ago after I got my scholarship applications back. I am waiting to announce my selected university in a video about my college process and application tips.

Insta Lately

This section of the Weekly Digest series is to provide you with links so that you can shop my Instagram posts. ;)

This YETI rambler from Country Club Prep {email me at for 20% off your entire purchase} is one of my latest obsessions. I can put my iced coffee from Dunkin in here at the beginning of the day and somehow it stays cold all day.

This dress from Southern Tide via Country Club Prep is my new favorite for spring + summer, view the full outfit post here! I love that it is so versatile allowing it to be dressed up or down. Fortunately, it's also available in white and tiffany blue. It's perfect for Easter, brunch, any kind of cocktail party, or the white for graduation.

In the Works

Sarajane and I will be filming a part 2 FAQ about working at Vineyard Vines with all the additional questions we have received since the first one, since it got such good feedback. We shall also be filming a spring clothing haul (might have already filmed these videos when you read this). If you don't know who SJ is, she also runs a YouTube channel, check out our previous videos here.

I have videos on How to Style Chacos, Spring Lookbook, and DIY: Green Smoothies also being posted sometime this month or next (hopefully). Comment below any kind of videos or blog posts you want to see. I am open to absolutely anything as I want to create content you want to see. Also, I really enjoy it when you tweet me or tag me on social media because I really do enjoy getting to know you guys.


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Mar 22, 2016

Steve Madden Lace-Up Flats Dupe

image via Pinterest

These lace-up flats by Steve Madden have been very hyped up lately, and I feel like everyone and their mother has a pair. I think they're adorable, but not loving the $80 price tag. Recently, I snagged a pair of dupes from my favorite boutique on sale for $20 that I have been loving. Linked below are a list of dupes I have compiled from the internet, and they're selling out everywhere, so act quick if you want a pair. 

I styled my lace-up flats with jeans, a pink flowy tank, long necklace, + statement earrings in Tuesday's outfit post and will definitely create more outfits styling these shoes if y'all want to see them. I think these are also adorable paired with simple dresses and skirts. 

Let me know in the comments if you have jumped on board with this trend. If so tag me in a photo on Instagram or Twitter so I can see how you style your lace-up flats.

Hope you're having a great week!


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Mar 21, 2016

Chic Lace-Up Flats

top: Forever 21 // jeans: Vineyard Vines // shoes: Fiore Boutique // necklace: Francesca's {sold out} // earrings: Kendra Scott // watch: Kate Spade

I have been lusting over these Steve Madden lace-up flats, but not willing to spend $80 on trendy shoes. However, I did find a good dupe at my favorite boutique and have been loving them. I am not one who is big on trends, but I am really loving the lace-up shoe trend, so much that I also purchased these lace-up sandals in gold the other day. These flats create such a chic look, and I love it, surprisingly. 

I would say there are two aspects to my style: preppy and chic. I love the look of simplicity and timeless pieces which you would certainly find in the preppy style, and the chic style as well. I've been loving ruffles on anything and everything lately, hence this top. 

So excited for spring and more fashion posts!! Thanks for reading!


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Mar 20, 2016

Sunday Shopping 3.20.16

Country Club Prep 
view all new arrivals here // email me {} for 20% off

Why Shop CCP? // Country Club Prep has all of your favorite preppy brands in one place including Southern Proper, Southern Tide, Lauren James, Jack Rogers, Lilly Pulitzer, Sperry, Daniel Wellington, YETI, and Barbour just to name a few and they offer free shipping. Basically, CCP is the Zappos of preppy clothing. Also, you get a 20% discount! Below are my favorite new arrivals of the week. Check out older Sunday Shopping posts to view more of my CCP favorites. CCP updates the site with new arrivals daily, so there's always new things to order.

Southern Tide fishing shirts {pink, blue} // Southern Tide Tees {white, blue} // Jack Rogers Sandals {mint, white} // CCP Dri-Fit Tee

Lauren James {view full collection here}: floral bikini top // bow swim bottoms {pink, navy, blue} // denim shorts // Landry dress // Emerson dress // Avery dress // scalloped skirt

Southern Proper // use code xcgal98 for 15% off

Southern Proper released their Labrador windbreakers in a striped pattern this week, and I'm in love. I have a few {red, navy- sold out, red/navy colorblock} and love them; my family likes to take them from me. The best thing about these windbreakers is that you can zip them into a pouch for on-the-go use.

Southern Proper Striped Labrador Windbreaker {hydrangea, patriotic, navy}

Chic Finds

Sunday Shopping Archives

3.13.16 // 3.6.16 // 2.21.16 // 2.7.16 // 1.31.16 // 1.10.16 

Hope you enjoyed this week's shopping post! Leave a comment below with your finds from this week.


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Mar 18, 2016

Spring Scallops

dress: Southern Tide via Country Club Prep c/o // necklace: J. Crew // earrings: Kate Spade {sold out} // watch: Daniel Wellington via Country Club Prep c/o // bracelet: Kiel James Patrick via Country Club Prep c/o // wedges: Jack Rogers via Country Club Prep c/o

Shoot me an email at for 20% your purchase on Country Club Prep.

How adorable is this dress?! I am obsessed and it's definitely one of my new favorites for spring and summer; it's also available in white and tiffany blue. Who knew Southern Tide made cute women's pieces? I had no idea. Luckily, Country Club Prep has the entire spring line of women's Southern Tide on their site. The quality and versatility of this dress have me sold. The material of this dress is very structured and well-made, reminds me of my Lilly dresses. This would be an awesome Easter or Brunch dress and the white would be perfect for graduation. 

I am a lover of scallops and so glad that the trend has made such a huge comeback this season. I've had these wedges by Jack Rogers for a while and have gotten a lot of wear out of them since they resemble my favorite sandals in wedge form. I could not say enough good things about Daniel Wellington watches. If you're not familiar with Daniel Wellington, you get one watch head and can purchase interchangeable leather and ribbon bands allowing so much more wear. I'm also a big fan of KJP bracelets!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this post and have an awesome weekend!

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