Mar 31, 2016

Weekly Digest 3.31.16

Busy, Busy

As I mentioned in last week's Weekly Digest post, I stated that I would be spending a week in Alabama. I left Tuesday in the afternoon right when I got off work and got home late Sunday night. I also have a few changes with school adding a heavy load to my daily to-do's. I am working with this new schedule, but my life is in overdrive right now so please bear with me. I do have a plan/schedule for posting but just not enough hours in the day to complete it all.


 I recently had to withdraw from the anatomy class I was taking at college for the dual-enrollment program (this lets me earn high school and college credit for courses). However, I still need a science credit to graduate high school so I am taking an APEX Earth Science course which requires me to be at the high school for an hour every day. I am completing a unit each day which takes 2-3 hours at home, so I should be finished in 2-3 weeks.

Also, I will be officially done with high school the first week of May and I can not wait!! As soon as I am done with school, you better bet I will be working on content to share with you 24/7. I have so many things planned for this Summer and will be taking you along on my adventures. 

Alabama Trip

My best friend lives in Alabama and I love going to visit her. We always have such a good time and last week certainly did not disappoint; it may be the most fun we've ever had to date. To say the least, it was a crazy week and I wouldn't have wanted to spend my spring break anywhere else. 

We spent most of our time on the lake and outside enjoying the lovely weather. We even filmed the first Explore With Me video and a corresponding blog post with more awesome pics. I'll be going back in two weeks and am considering making a Weekend in my Life vlog.

How gorgeous is this sunset on the lake? By the way, there's no filter; this photo
 is all natural. God never fails to amaze me with his amazing creations.

We always go on Dunkin runs; it's almost a tradition.

Plot twist: cats like to cuddle?

Insta Lately

Loving this pink + mint combo from Southern Tide via Country Club Prep {email me at for 20% off}

chacos {1, 2}

top // jeans // earrings // flats // watch

Thanks for reading this week's Weekly Digest post and keeping up my life!

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