Apr 15, 2016

Weekly Digest 4.14.16

Spring Break


Sope's Creek Mill Ruins

Dunkin Run


This past week was my spring break, and I stayed home but had a ton of fun with my friends from exploring to Dunkin runs and smoothie bowls. 


I went to prom in Alabama at the end of my spring break, click here to see a recap + more photos.

Links I'm Loving
  • Christian Bucket List: 13 Things to Do Before Heaven // Ok, I loved this!! I haven't seen anything like it, so impressed by the creativity of the author. It was such a fun, inspiring read.
  • Nathan Kress's Wedding Video // Nathan Kress played Freddy on iCarly and now he's married and 23, does this make anyone else feel old? This was such a cute, nostalgic wedding video.
  • Behind the Scenes of Southern Pearls & Curls Blog // I find this shocking and very eye-opening. I did not realize some of the things that factored into the lives of full-time fashion bloggers.
  • How Anxiety Feels Video // For anyone else who struggles with anxiety, this is so relatable and explains the feeling accurately. Sometimes I have trouble putting my thoughts into words, but this sums up my struggle with anxiety perfectly.
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