May 26, 2016

Senior Photography Tips and Ideas

outfit one: gingham dress // brown boots

outfit two: white dress // red boots

Here is a recap of my senior photos.. this is the only senior thing I have participated in all year and I am quite satisfied with my decision. I chose to dual-enroll and take classes at a college university for high school and college credit. High school was not for me and I did dread almost every moment I spent in the halls of my high school, but I am thankful for what I learned in those 3 years there, check out this video for what high school taught me. While everyone else was locked up at school, I would get most of my school done early in the week and work or travel and enjoy life the rest of the week.

However, my situation is different from a lot of seniors. I do travel a lot and do a lot of things outside of school. I have always been closer with friends from outside of school and it is not something that my life revolves around. I also worked at a retail store and regularly made content for my YouTube channel and blog, so my time spent away from the school was not being wasted; only maximized to its full potential. Some do not view this as the best thing for seniors, but I have never been happier with my life. High school was a struggle for me and the things I experienced there caused my unhappiness. 

I also opted not to walk and skip the time it would've taken to have a grad party and celebrate becuase I have mentally been through with high school for a year now. Honestly, I did not wish to see some of those whom were in my class and didn't wish to sit through grad practice or my own graduation. I know I did the work and am ready to be at Georgia Southern next year, and that's more than enough for me. I'm actually in Alabama this week having a blast with my best friend and making some unforgettable memories while my class is wasting their week at grad practice (some people may like the graduation ceremony and that's great for them, I don't like to sit still).

Your senior pictures should really capture who you are and your personality. I wanted to keep it simple and true to who I am. My style has evolved throughout my time in high school, but I have always loved my dresses and cowboys boots ever since I was young, so it served as good attire for senior pictures. Now on to tips...
  1. Keep it simple. Stray away from bold prints and stick to solids. Remember trends change and what is on trend now won't be in 20 years when you're looking back on your senior photos. Also, if there's too much going on with your clothing, it will distract from your face. Go light on the accessories; I opted for none.
  2. Wear flattering pieces. Wear pieces that are flattering to your body. Notice that I did not chose to wear any tee shirt dresses even though they are very trendy; they give you no shape. Pick colors that work with your hair and skin tone; colors that look good on you. It would've been stupid of me to wear neon yellow.
  3. Add elements of you.  I've got a theme going with these photos: jeep, cowboy boots, old barn, field, etc. I am obsessed with the jeep I currently drive, so why not add him in my senior photos? I almost brought my golden retriever, Riley, to also hop in the photos but she does not like to sit still. If you love the city, then shoot photos in the city. These pictures are supposed to represent you.
  4. Background. I chose to do my photos in a field, I wanted a country feel, so I kept it simple. It would be odd if I was wearing a bunch of jewelry or high heels or fancy dresses in a field. Match your background to your attire and you can wear whatever you please.
  5. Work with your photographer. I had an idea of what I wanted for senior pictures going into the shoot and spoke with my photographer on what I wanted before the location or anything else was decided. I started a Pinterest board with other senior photos I liked and sent her the link to give her the feel of what I was wanting for senior photos.
  6. Lighting + Timing. Lighting and timing is everything for any photo shoot; it doesn't matter how good you look if it's raining or the sun is too dim/bright. My photos were shot at 11am on a sunny morning- the prime light is at 10am. Your photographer should handle most of this aspect of the photos.

Well, that's all I've got. I'm not a natural smiler and felt awkward posing for most of these pictures, but just listen to your photographer and everything will go great. He or she knows what they're doing and does this for a living. I hope this helped- best of luck with your photos and your senior year!


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May 20, 2016

Life Update + Lessons Learned

I have only made 6 posts on the blog over the past month and a half and there is definitely a lot that I need to update y'all on! Well, my life has been a bit chaotic and messy recently, and I was struggling for a bit if I'm being honest. However, I am so thankful for any struggles or troubles I have had because they make you so much stronger as a person. Our problems and struggles are blessing in disguise; 1) they bring us closer to God and 2) you mature and gain knowledge.

I have learned so much over the past month and I am so glad becuase I have matured so much as a person. I learned what really matters in life and learned so much about self-love and creating your own happiness. I posted a video a few weeks ago about how to be happy and getting the most out of life- it's a good one, I recommend giving it a view.

I also had a realization recently through my morning devotions. I feel like I am feeding you guys one big lie through some of the content I post- let me explain. Of course, I never meant to and have had nothing but good intentions. My channel started as an outlet for one of my older passions- fashion. Obviously, fashion is very materialistic as clothes can get very expensive, and for a point that's all my content was. Clothing is just fabric and expensive brands are so overrated as clothing does not define who you are. Your actions, words, way you chose to treat others, and people you surround yourself with define your impact on life. Do not get me wrong, I still have passion and enjoy expressing myself through what I chose to wear. However, what really matters in life is people and the moments you share with them. This life is only temporary and God's word is the only thing that is eternal and endures forever. Trends come and go, times change, and materialistic things are only temporary. I talk so much about clothes in my videos and portray that they are so significant. I failed to mention Jesus, experiences, and what really matters.

Living a God-filled life and loving Jesus is the path to true happiness. Whenever I have any kind of problem, I just go to him, and he might not give me answers. However, he does replace my worry and anxiousness with peace. I have always read the bible and stayed consistent with God, but maybe only a few times a week, which is not enough. It helps to read the bible daily becuase we constantly need to be reminded to cling to God; it is so hard to stay centered on God with the world we live in and temptations that Satan throws at us. This is why I read the bible every morning so that I can start my day with the reminder of clinging to God, and let me tell you- it makes my day 10x better!!! I look forward to my morning devotions; they're often the best part of my day and that's what gets me out of bed- no coffee needed. I have recently started journaling everything that I learn when studying God's word, that way I will never forget anything he teaches me. God teaches me so much through the bible, there's no way I could remember it all. This allows me to look back and reflect on what I have learned.

God is your best friend who will be willing to listen to you and have discussions with you any time of the day. He's always there for you and will never get tired of hearing about your problems like a friend might. You can rant to God for hours, and he will always be there to listen. How do I talk to God, you ask? It's quite simple; I read through my bible or pray with him. Some nights I stay up late and get lost in the word- it fascinates me that all the answers to my problems are in one book. Getting closer to God is so rewarding, and it's addicting; like a drug.

There was a point in my life where I worried about annoying people with talk of my faith and putting it in their face, but you're going to start hearing me mention my faith in my videos a lot more becuase I feel selfish not to share. I have found the key to happiness and eternal life- it would be so selfish if I kept that to myself! God's opinion of you is the only one that really matters. Despite what your religion is or what you chose to believe, life is so much more beautiful when you are thankful for what you do have and have the glass half full perspective on life. Every day we live is a gift, be thankful for every moment you get to experience. Now, I know it's hard on those bad days where everything seems to take a wrong turn, but just hang in there and remember to trust in God. The other day, my car quit on me and rolled back when I pressed the gas pedal and I did do slight damage to the car behind me. However, my brakes could have taken longer to stop and worse damage could have been done- the people in the cars behind me could've been harmed or a life could have been taken. People are killed in wrecks daily and they did nothing for their life to be taken. Every time I arrive safely at a destination, I thank God because it is a blessing. You can't think about the better things that could've happened- you need to be thankful that your situation was not worse.

As of recent, I have no idea where this blog and YouTube channel are going. All I know is that I want and am called to share the word of God with his people. If I can't inspire others to invite God into their life- I can at least let them know how to live a better life and live with a positive outlook. When I meet God at the end of this life and we talk about what I did with my time here on Earth, I do not want to just be remembered for sharing materialistic and insignificant things with his people. I can just imagine our conversation and God asking, "My child, you had such a wonderful platform to share my love and you chose not to do so." I am so glad he had this talk with me the other day, so that I do not make it to the end of my time here and live with regret. I never ever thought I would be the one to share my experiences with God and share what he has taught me with others. Nor did I ever think I could write this much about my relationship with him, but the words just come to me and God's love just pours right through me through the keys on my computer to this blog. God just showed me this gift recently and I am not sure what his plan is, but I do know he has a big plan for me and every single one of you. I am just one huge step closer to finding my purpose.

My last Weekly Digest post was a month ago so on to what I've been up to...

I've been occupied with awesome adventures and really taking time to get the most out of nature. God has created such a beautiful world for us to go explore; it would be stupid to take advantage of this opportunity and not live life to its full potential. You've just got to find what makes you passionate it and do it often as your decisions and attitude determine the life you live.

I made another trip to Alabama to stay with my friend in Tuscaloosa and visit my dream school, University of Alabama. I would really like to go to UA, but that is not happening with out of state tuition. I really can not wait to see what God has in store for me at Georgia Southern and am really excited to begin a new adventure in my life! If anything, I am really grateful that I have the opportunity to attend a good college and get an education. I also stopped in Birmingham on the way back home to catch up with Meredith whom also makes videos. Meredith is so genuine and sweet and one my closest YouTube friends, y'all will love the content she creates!

Animals make me so happy, especially dogs. They have so much unconditional love to give and are the sweetest creatures. I am so thankful for my golden, Riley, and she always brightens my day. That dog is my best friend and always by my side, ever since seventh grade. It breaks my heart to leave her when I go to college in August, so I've really got to enjoy the time I have with her.

I recently left my retail job at Vineyard Vines since I will be gone so much this summer and I really wanted to put more time into YouTube. I have one month until I turn 18 and this is my last summer before I really have to start adulting. Thus, I really need to enjoy it and make it the best summer yet. I will also be separated from some of my best friends when I leave for college, so I want to enjoy them while I can and make some great memories over the next few months. College is going to fly by and I will only be "young" for so long. The next four years are said to be the best time in my life, and I am going to make sure I live them to their full potential.

Thanks for reading and cheers to Summer 2016! 

I challenge you to get out there and live your adventure. 


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May 19, 2016

How to Heal Wounds

Proverbs 16:24 "Kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body."

Honey has been used in medical procedures and has healed wounds that otherwise would've needed amputation. Doctors have proven that honey heals wounds faster than gauze and film dressings. So, this verse has been in the bible ever since it was written, and it took doctors years to start using honey to aid wounds. God gave us the answer to heal wounds right here in this verse, in plain text, and all anyone would've had to do is read the bible. God gave us the bible for a reason; he wants us to study it and use it as a resource for answers to our problems. Who knows, the cure for cancer could be stated in plain text somewhere in the bible. However, we as sinners have failed to read and utilize the information God is giving us; looks to me like med students should drop their text books and pick up a bible.

God instructs us on how to heal any kind of wound in this verse- both physically and emotionally. Pure kindness heals wounded hearts and brings peace to those suffering emotionally. When you see someone who is hurting, administer pure kindness to bring their heart closer to health and wholeness. God's first reaction is to be kind and not judge others for their sins, so if we give pure kindness, others will see the light of Jesus. Thus, they will be inspired to learn more about our God and be on the path to a whole and healthy heart. Our God is easy to discover, especially when we help to shine his light on others.

Now, this is something completely different than any post I have ever written. However, I do feel this is the most useful post I have ever written. Clothes, food, cars, and this world will eventually fade away, and the word of God is the only thing that endures forever. The key to happiness is through God; he will replace your worries and problems with peace; so run to him in any and every situation. Cling to what is good, and that is God. I have never been more compelled to share anything with the internet. After extracting meaning from this verse, I was mind blown; God literally gives us the answers for medical procedures in plain text- oh my! If everyone studied the bible, just think how many answers this society is looking for that would just be given to us!! Every person thinks differently and was created by God in a special and unique way, so every single human will get something different from reading a single verse. We need to share our findings with the world, so that we can give what we heave learned unto others and share his love.


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