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How to Heal Wounds

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Proverbs 16:24 "Kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body."

 Honey has been used in medical procedures and has healed wounds that otherwise would've needed amputation. Doctors have proven that honey heals wounds faster than gauze and film dressings. So, this verse has been in the bible ever since it was written, and it took doctors years to start using honey to aid wounds. God gave us the answer to heal wounds right here in this verse, in plain text, and all anyone would've had to do is read the bible. God gave us the bible for a reason; he wants us to study it and use it as a resource for answers to our problems. Who knows, the cure for cancer could be stated in plain text somewhere in the bible. However, we as sinners have failed to read and utilize the information God is giving us; looks to me like med students should drop their text books and pick up a bible.

God instructs us on how to heal any kind of wound in this verse- both physically and emotionally. Pure kindness heals wounded hearts and brings peace to those suffering emotionally. When you see someone who is hurting, administer pure kindness to bring their heart closer to health and wholeness. God's first reaction is to be kind and not judge others for their sins, so if we give pure kindness, others will see the light of Jesus. Thus, they will be inspired to learn more about our God and be on the path to a whole and healthy heart. Our God is easy to discover, especially when we help to shine his light on others.

Now, this is something completely different than any post I have ever written. However, I do feel this is the most useful post I have ever written. Clothes, food, cars, and this world will eventually fade away, and the word of God is the only thing that endures forever. The key to happiness is through God; he will replace your worries and problems with peace; so run to him in any and every situation. Cling to what is good, and that is God. I have never been more compelled to share anything with the internet. After extracting meaning from this verse, I was mind blown; God literally gives us the answers for medical procedures in plain text- oh my! If everyone studied the bible, just think how many answers this society is looking for that would just be given to us!! Every person thinks differently and was created by God in a special and unique way, so every single human will get something different from reading a single verse. We need to share our findings with the world, so that we can give what we heave learned unto others and share his love.


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