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College Shoot With My Best Friend

Taylor and I decided that we wanted to take college photos a while ago and I am so pleased with how the photos turned out!! Shoutout to my brother, Cole, for being great and taking our photos (I doubt he reads this). Tay and I grew up together and she moved two hours away right before our freshman year but we've managed to see each other once a month since December and haven't gone two weeks apart this Summer, now that's dedication. The 240 miles between Georgia Southern and Auburn ain't got nothing on us. 

I am so excited for the future and can't wait to see the plans God has for each of us!! I am so thankful that God has blessed me with such an amazing lifelong best friend that is there for me no matter what happens. If you don't have a best friend, I recommend you go find one, but good luck becuase I've got the best one out there. 

We have made so many amazing memories the past eight years, so here's to four more! I originally created this post to give seniors inspiration for college photos with their friends, but I guess it turned into a rant on how grateful I am for Tay.

Leave a comment with the best memories you've had with your best friend. Also, if you just graduated, comment your college! Thanks for reading y'all. 


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