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Free People

I've always liked Free People, and I have a few pieces from them. However, I just realized how much I loved Free People when browsing through their site. Things I learned from browsing: 1) I like almost everything on that site 2) There is a lot of clothing, more than you would think. 

They carry so many beautiful, well-made pieces.. Free People and Madewell are definitely tied for my two favorite stores at the moment. I have liked the boho, chic style for a long time, but I was trying to stay within the constraints of my old style. Thus, I did not realize how much I loved it! For a while, I got tired of fashion and it got boring, but the preppy style never really changes. This is great, but can also get old. I am finally letting my style evolve and I cannot wait to see where the blog will go this year!

Back on the subject of Free People, here's everything I'm loving on the site right now.. naturally, there's a lot.

// Tops //

// Dresses // 

// Everything Else //

For the most part, I have gotten awesome feedback about my style evolving and rebranding my content! A lot of my viewers have also grown up and their styles have evolved with them. I haven't really dressed "preppy" for a while, really only on the blog to keep my followers content. Thus, I'm excited to really produce content I love.

I was inspired to write this post when I was in a Free People store the other day. I just really loved almost every item I saw, so I figured the web site would be awesome. I purchased two tops (1, 2) and a pair of shorts not available online. Leave a comment with your favorite stores below! Thanks to those who support my style evolving.


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