Jul 6, 2016

Life Lately {6.26-7.1, 2016}

Savannah, GA

Get my bag here 

I got home from Richmond at 3am and left the next morning to go to Savannah. We spent one night there becuase I had orientation for Georgia Southern the following morning. Taylor also happened to be in Savannah, we just can't seem to stay apart. ;) 

// Food //

Grilled shrimp wrap with tomato, lettuce, avocado, + other things {I don't remember}

Snow crab legs

Shrimp Tacos

John's Creek Bowl via Luv-a-Bowl

Strawberry Crepes at J. Christopher's

I used the short time I was home to meet up with a lot of my friends for dinner or lunch {as pictured above} since I do not have much time before I leave for school.

Alex and I did a shoot, and the pictures came out amazing! Check out Alex's photography, he is awesome at what he does. My Instagram {@dariasmithyt} will definitely be A1 with all the photos I've been shooting lately.

I used the few days I was home to film a bunch of videos and get some work/errands done before heading back to Alabama for the 4th of July. Thus, it was quite a busy week and I didn't have time for much else. I aim to make these posts every Sunday, so I'll finally be back on track after this post.

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