Jul 17, 2016

Life Lately (7.11-7.17, 2016)

// Nature // 

Tallulah Gorge - God never fails to amaze me with his beautiful creations.. but can we just take a moment for Tallulah Gorge.. something tells me he worked extra hard on this piece of art. I actually met a subscriber while hiking- how crazy?! More about Tallulah Gorge in Monday's video and post ;)

// People + Places // 

Katie and I went shopping and got food.. pretty sure our best hobby is taking photos of our food. Oh! She also makes videos, so check out her channel!!

I will forever be obsessed with this little nugget, just look at her!! Ah she's precious. For those of you who are new here, this is my golden retirever, Riley- she's always by my side.

Taylor and I did a senior shoot when she came to visit me, with our college tees, more to come on the blog this week..

Ponce City Market + Krog Street Market - Ponce City Market and Krog Street Market might be home to some of the most photogenic buildings/walls I've ever seen. Nancy and I made a day out of it and had a good time- definitely recommend going on a Sunday when there won't be as much traffic. I love this area of Atlanta, and the food here is to-die-for.. I actually want to eat everywhere. TopShop happened to be having a pop-up shop, and it was so cute!! MadeWell is also one of my new favorite stores.. loving the simplistic and minimalistic look... and Chacos were 40% off at Mountain High Outfitters.. so of course I bought another pair oops.

// Food //

I get really into making my smoothie bowls!! They're so good and amazing for you if the right ingredients are used. I made a DIY video on Acai Bowls- but let me know if you want to see one for smoothie bowls. 

My father grilled chicken kebabs, I will definitely miss his grilling next year!!

Hana - not the prettiest.. but pretty darn good sushi

Table & Main - award-winning (for a reason) fried chicken.. twas amazing + awesome side salad.. there's also free valet parking and parking is hard to come by in this area

Freight - Chicken + Waffles- one of my favorites!! you may only understand this combo if you're from the South

Urban Pl8 (in Krog Street Market) - lump crab cake sandwich + mixed greens - LOVE crab meat

West Elm Market - iced coffee (how cute is the cup?!)

finally hopped on the Boxed water trend

Chicken Salad Chick - I got chicken salad (can't remember which one, but it had pineapples) on a croissant

*Note: I do not normally eat out this much, but I will be off to college soon and it's a great way for me to enjoy my town and see friends for the last time before I move four hours away. Also, I am so rarely home that I always have a lot to squeeze in while I'm home.

Thanks for reading!! For those of you that wanted to know more about my life- I hope y'all are enjoying these posts. Feedback and constructive criticism are always appreciated. 

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