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Week in Richmond, Virginia

I was in Richmond, Virginia staying with my friends, Lucy and Kirsten, for the week of June 22nd- I know I'm late on this post, sorry I've been playing catch-up with these posts. I flew via plane to Richmond and had a layover in Charlotte- I recommend getting a plane straight there if you can.

We made a stop to Duck Donuts on the first day I was in town becuase it really is that great! Duck Donuts started in Duck, North Carolina in the Outer Banks and has slowly started to open more restaurants including locations in Charlotte and Richmond. I only get to go to Duck Donuts in the Summer when my family vacations in Duck, so I was very excited. We normally eat Duck Donuts every morning that we are in town- it's an annual occurrence. 

The mall in Short Pump is huge and ideally has every store you could need. I was quite impressed and wish we had this closer to where I live. I've never actually been to an L. L. Bean store as they aren't present in the South, so I was pretty thrilled. 

Lucy and I have matching Chacos, they're great, I 10/10 recommend. 

We also made a trip to the Lilly store at Short Pump and I did end up purchasing a few things- be expecting another haul on my YouTube channel in a few weeks if ya wanna know what I got. ;)

I'm pretty sure me and Kirsten are the only ones who would take photos in Whole Foods, but in our defense, we did get a pretty cute shot. Our whole intent of going to Whole Foods was to get ingredients to make smoothie bowls- mission successful. 

Kirsten and I went to Belle Isle, and it was such a good time! I am always down for anything outdoors and truly love exploring. I took the GoPro and got some pretty cool shots- you can see these in the vlog from this week (up soon on my channel). 

One day, Lucy, Kirsten, and I did a meetup at Vineyard Vines Stony Point- thanks to the VV team for outfitting us and hosting the event. 

Yet again, another trip to Duck Donuts. I think we went 3 times in a week, oops.

If you've seen the awesome photography in my blog, that's thanks to the shoot Lucy, Kirsten, and I did. Here are a few of the great shots we got- you can see it all in outfits posts, going up over the next month. 

I love dogs a lot. How cute is Daisy?!

I made one more stop to Duck Donuts on Saturday morning before I had to head out that night. It was such a great week and so worth the plane ticket. Lucy, Kirsten, and I made so many great Chaco and donut-filled memories. I'm so thankful that I started making videos and blogging 4 years ago, because it has led to so many amazing opportunities that I never could've imagined. 

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