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Best Food in the Atlanta Area



Hana is one my favorite sushi joints and you can't go wrong with the duck roll.


Izumi is another one of my favorite sushi joints! I love the drunken tiger roll and krab crab roll. If you dine outside, they have a very cute set-up with lights.

Taqueria Tsunami

Taqueria Tsunami is a Latin-Asian cuisine and definitely unique for what it is! It is located at the outlet shops in Woodstock. I used to work at the outlets, and this was my favorite along with all of my co-workers. For tacos, my favorite are the Aloha and Pacific Rim. The avocado egg rolls are amazing!! You also can't go wrong with the bowls and empanadas- the whole menu is great. 

Going Coastal

Seafood is my favorite, and Marietta Fish Market does a great job with it. I recommend the lobster, lobster rolls, and alligator. 

-Downtown Woodstock-


Reel is another great seafood restaurant! I love the lobster tail.


Freight is located in an old train station and has a wide array of awesome food, love the chicken waffles.

J. Christopher's

J. Christopher's is another great brunch spot, everything on the menu is great!

Roswell-Alpharetta-John's Creek

Bahama Bucks

This is an adorable icecreamery! They serve sno-balls, coffee, ice cream, and all sorts of frozen treats. I normally stop by here coming from the Roswell Mill.

Kale Me Crazy

It's hard to find places that make smoothie bowls outside of Atlanta, but this is a good one.


Best smoothie bowls in Atlanta!! I come here more than I should... Jon's Creek Bowl + Dragon Bowl are my go-to. This is also right by the Avalon in John's Creek.


Roux is an awesome seafood place located in downtown Roswell- love the raw oysters.

Table & Main

Table & Main is amazing and has won many awards for their fried chicken. They have quite a few Southern options on their menu and also offer free valet parking.

- Avalon -

Bantam + Biddy

This is one of my favorite places to brunch or just get lunch, and I think they have a few other locations. The crepes are great!!

Kona Grill

Kona has such a wide-range menu, and I've got to say everything on there is pretty good, but I can never turn down sushi. My favorite is the dragon roll. 


Marietta Fish Market

Marietta Fish Market is another great seafood joint. Love the lobster!



This is an awesome chain burger joint; great fries, burgers, and conrete (custard drink). 

Shake Shack

This is a great burger joint, and it's not far from Lenox mall. Definitely try their signature sauce.


I started going to Cowfish several years ago when I first visited Charlotte, North Carolina and was ecstatic when the Atlanta location opened. There really is nothing else like it. Both the burgers and sushi and phenomenal.


Juliana's has the best crepes, and it's such a cute place see the pictures above. It's right by Ponce City Market and Krogg Street Market, both of which I recommend checking out.

I've gotten many questions on my favorite places to eat around my hometown and here's the ultimate list!! Hope this helped ya out if you love food as much as I do!!


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