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Nicaragua - CRU Mission Trip 2017

Over my college spring break, I went to Nicaragua on a mission trip with Georgia Southern CRU + Filter of Hope to share the gospel and distribute water filters. I also made a montage video with my GoPro and a video talking about my experience/mission trips. This post has more photos to really share everything I experienced. 

Going on a mission trip is truly a life-changing experience. Prior to this trip, I had not been out of a 13 hour driving radius of Atlanta, so I was in for a culture shock. Nicaragua was the best week of my life. I have never felt more connected to the lord or seen him work more through me and so many of my friends on the trip. We don't realize how blessed we are and how luxuriously we live in the United States. The people in Nicaragua have almost nothing and are some of the happiest people I've ever met. Sharing the gospel is the best news you could ever give anyone and such an amazing feeling. I had happy tears throughout the entire week, seeing so many people come to Christ- our team was able to share the gospel with 1028 people, 119 people prayed to receive Christ, and we gave out 429 water filters. We have such an amazing God! If I learned anything from this week, it's that the lord is faithful, shoutout to Jenn O. If you ever get the chance to go on a mission trip, don't question; just go. I went in thinking I was going to do so much good for others, but they did even more good for me. If Nicaragua was a little slice of heaven, I can't even imagine what God has in store for us.

One day of our trip, we went to a local school, upon their request. We shared the gospel, installed a few filters at the school, and played with the children. We also brought a pinata for the kids, as you can see in my Nicaragua montage video. I chased these girls around, playing tag, for a good hour or so. 

I shared my testimony with this family, and all four of them prayed to receive Christ. They knew of Jesus, but did not follow him. It is amazing to think these three girls can grow up with Christ, and save their kids. We all got emotional, and it's one of my favorite experiences of the whole trip. 

I made so many amazing friends on this trip! Here is one of my groups from the week. There's a big frenzy when we're all reunited at CRU every Tuesday (all 100+ of us).

Here are photos from Magnific Rock in Popoyo, Nicaragua in sunset- the name says it all.

It rained while we were all standing in the school yard. Nicaragua is in a dry season and had not seen rain in months. We saw two rainbows in one day, just another one of God's miracles!

This is the surf shack on the beach, where we ate all of our meals. 

One day, we were on the beach and this 2 year old child was running around. His name is Ocean. Isn't this the most gorgeous 2 year old you've ever seen?! Nicaragua never fails to amaze me.

Here is a photo of a filter, which costs about $40 to make. These filters last for 10 years and can filter 150 gallons of water a day. Filter of Hope makes quality filters with durable materials. To install these filters, we simply asked the family if they had a bucket, and drilled a hole to attach the filter. 

Cattle and all sorts of animals roam freely around the villages becuase there is no animal control.

Here is a giant pig, and Jaime, one of the translators, who accepted Christ this week!

This little guy was outside our hotel most mornings, waiting to play!

This is a 3-legged dog whom stayed close to the surf shack on the beach. We nicknamed him Zig Zag. His front two legs work, but his third leg does not function properly. Thus, he has to drag himself with his front legs. I cried when I first saw this dog, but he stayed with us all week.

Be sure to check out the two Nicaragua videos on my channel: montage and experience. I hope all of this content has inspired you to go on a mission trip! I recommend that everyone go at some point in their life. Wherever God sends you, you will have an amazing experience serving others and being wowed by the truth of the gospel. If you've ever done mission work, comment your stories below. Thanks for reading friends!!


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