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Where I Shop? My Favorite Stores

I often get asked my favorite stores and where I purchase the majority of my clothes. When shopping, I am always balling on a budget and looking for the best sales. All of these sites are affordable with the exception of Free People, Madewell, and Urban Outfitters where I shop sale. I do not shop at one particular store and shop a little bit of everywhere to get the most out of my wardrobe. 
  • Free People // This is my favorite brand of all time. Free People's clothing is amazing quality- not to mention absolutely gorgeous. I am not a fan of the price tag, but I always find items from here on a huge sale. I like to shop in-store between seasons at Free People or I shop department stores (in-store and online) like Lord + Taylor, Nordstrom, Macy's, 6pm.com, and Belk.
  • Madewell // Madewell is the sister company to J. Crew, so yes they are a bit pricy. Madewell sums up my style so well: classic and simple with trendy touches. They are well known for having great sales in-store and online; they also have a lot of great basics. 
  • American Eagle // I love American Eagle's latest spring collection. I swear by their denim and they've managed to stay on top of the latest trends throughout the years. They do 30-40% sales often and have good clearance.
  • Abercrombie // You're probably to surprised to see this on my list,  but Abercrombie has really upped their game lately. I love almost every item on their site. They do not have great prices, but always have a ton of great items in-store and online in clearance. Oh, they also have petite sizes online (I'm 5'1)!
  • Country Club Prep // I love CCP, and have been shopping here for 4+ years- it's great becuase I can also get 20% off and free shipping always, so everything is cheaper than purchasing elsewhere. Shoot me an email at xcgal98@gmail.com for a 20% off discount code. They sell Birkenstocks, North Face, YETI products, Jack Rogers, True Grit, frat brands (Southern Proper, Southern Tide, Southern Shirt Company, etc.), Barbour, and everything under the sun. Also, the customer service is awesome!!!
  • Southern Proper // This has been my go-to brand for tee shirts since eight grade (that was 5 years ago) becuase they are so soft. They are made with a Peruvian cotton, and they have the best designs. I love the All Prep Pullover for winter. Also, you can get 15% off with the code DSGS. Their items are such great quality and I love them!!
  • Target // Who doesn't love Target? They sell everything. Their dollar section is one of my favorite thing. Target is known for having great swimsuits, but I really love their shoes as well. I also get a lot of clothes here. I recommend downloading the Cartwheel app becuase they constantly do extra discounts on their products (like 20-40% off clothes, BOGO 50% off on shoes, swim, + clothes).
  • Old Navy // Old Navy is cheap as it is, but they are always doing an additional 30-50% off every time I buy something. They also always seem to be doing store credit back, so $10 or $20 in store credit for every $25 you spend. On top of that, the clearance is always poppin'! I am a big fan of their jeans, and their workout wear (similar to Lulu Lemon). One more thing I might add, they have a great selection of petite sizes online. 
  • Forever 21 // I went through a phase where I hated F21 for their quality, but they have gotten so much better over the years. I love F21 becuase some items are so cheap and really such as great bargain. Why spend a lot of $ on trendy clothes? I do recommend shopping online becuase their stores tend to be overcrowded and hard to shop. If something doesn't work online, you can return it in-store for cash back. 
  • Urban Outfitters // I rarely ever buy anything full price here and always go for clearance. If you wait, I feel like almost everything goes on clearance here at some point. I definitely don't go to UO a lot, but I get a few good pieces every now and then. 
  • Amazon // I order everything I possibly can off of here! Amazon Prime is only $50/year for students, and what is better than free 2 day shipping?! Sign up here.
  • Nordstrom // I love Nordstorm's BP line becuase it's created for teens and it's affordable. I also purchase all of my designer items here for Nordstrom's customer service and warranty. I buy a lot of Nike here, or at the Nike outlet.
  • Zaful // This is a wholesale site, so the items are from China. However, everything on here is dirt cheap and there are a lot of dupes for expensive brands like Free People. You never know what you're going to get with sizing, appearance, or quality of the item. There are some thing from here that I hate and others that I wear 24/7. Shipping does take at least 2 weeks.
  • Boutiques // I frequent local boutique becuase you can find unique items that aren't owned by everyone and their mother, or you can find dupes for trendy items. 
I also shop at H&M, PacSun, and Show Me Your Mumu sometimes. Leave a comment with any companies I should check out or any tips you may have for finding sales. I hope y'all found this post helpful or it brought you some form of enjoyment.


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