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8 Mindlessly Simple Ways to Make Some Extra Money

  1. Sell your old clothes. I clean out my closet at the beginning of every season. I try each item on to make sure it still fits and ask myself if I really wear this piece. I created an Instagram account just for selling old clothes (@dariasmithshop), and I use the app Poshmark. You can sign up with code BONCX on your mobile phone for a benefit. I've seen success through both mediums. If you flip all of your hangers in your closet backwards, then you will face your hangers the right way when you wear an item. This is a simple hack to see what you truly wear in your closet.
  2. Babysit or petsit. Put an ad in your local newspaper or ask your parents to tell their friends. People only need these services occasionally, so it's a great way to make some extra cash when you have downtime. 
  3. Monetize your Pinterest account. I like to pin items from stores that I like in case I want to purchase them later on. It takes little to no time to monetize the links attached to your pins. I use a site called ShopStyle Collective, I think anyone can sign up. 
  4. Shop with eBates. Sign up for eBates through this link and save money every time you make an online purchase. Stores give anywhere from 2-8% back, and some days stores will give double the percentage back. This is a great site if you online shop a lot, why lose extra $ if you don't have to? 
  5. Amazon Prime. Seriously, I use Amazon Prime for everything; sign up here. It is only $50 a year for free 2-day shipping, and there is a free trial available (which means absolutely free for a period of time). I definitely get my $50 use out of this service, and save a ton of money not paying for shipping elsewhere. 
  6. Sell old electronics. I am sure we all have old electronics laying around the house that we're never going to use again. They are most likely just taking up space. USell lets you send in old electronics and make money off of them. 
  7. Answer surveys online. You do not make a ton of money from this, but I like to use Opinion Outpost if I really have nothing to do, then I am making some cash. However, just know that every little bit of money adds up over time. 
  8. Become a mystery shopper. Get paid to shop!!! They also do this for restaurants and you get paid to eat food.  
Thanks for reading friends! I had this post highly requested and thought I would share some of the simple ways I make money to help y'all out. 


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  1. I love eBates! I have it installed on my browser, so it automatically pops up if I'm on an eligible website. It's super effortless, and while it doesn't save a ton, every little bit helps!