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Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island

Driftwood Beach
Driftwood Beach is breathtaking; I've never seen anything like it. If you've never been, I 10/10 recommend going. Driftwood is located on Jekyll Island, right next to St. Simons and the rest of the golden isles. Admission on to Jekyll is $6, but parking is free. On the way to Driftwood, you will pass the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. We did not have time to make it here today, but it looks pretty great. We spent the whole day here and watched the sun set. Driftwood is only a 2 hour drive from Statesboro, and so worth the trip. If you enjoy dogs, you'll see several here on a nice day.


Sal's is on St. Simons, but we pass the golden isles heading back to Statesboro, and it's about half an hour from Driftwood. No photo can do this pizza justice, it was ah-mazing. This is a very family friendly place, and seriously so good. We got an XL margarita pizza (my fave) to split between 3 very hungry people, and the prices were reasonable. 

This was my first time at Driftwood, and I've only been to the golden isles a handful of times. If you're looking for another spot to grab a bite on St. Simons, check out Brogen's. Any recommendations for places I should go next in this area would be greatly appreciated.


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