Trendy Sandals That Won't Break the Bank Under $20!

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Target is my favorite place to buy shoes.. well maybe anything!! They get you every time becuase it's a one-stop shop for groceries, home + office supplies, clothes, and anything you may need. You go to Target to buy groceries, but then come out with unnecessary impulse buys (for me clothes and all the great things in the dollar section). On topic, they have the best shoes. I have been buying shoes for at least 8 years, and they hold up very well for the price.

Here's a fun fact: my college town does not have a Target, and I really did not realize how much I (think) I need Target in my life. Every time I go home or to a town with a Target, a purchase is made. Target is known to make affordable dupes for designer shoes such as Steve Madden and Sam Edelman. Look here before you drop a ton of $$ on the latest and greatest anything. Linked in the image carousel below are my top picks for their spring/summer shoes.

I have been wanting a pair of the white VANS canvas slip-on for a while but just don't feel like spending that kind of money, college student balling on a budget here. Target has this great dupe, which are just as cute and half the price. I will most likely be purchasing these wedges next time there is a sale becuase I am obsessed, and for some reason I could not link them in the image carousel. I also love these lace-up heels and have been debating on these sandals since last season. I just feel like I have too many pairs of flat sandals to buy more at the moment. 


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