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24 Hours (or more) in Atlanta

One of my friends came to visit me from out of town last week, and these are a few of my favorite places that I wanted to take her to in Atlanta. We easily spent over 12 hours in the city, and this is a great guide if you're from out of town, or just wanting to try something new in ATL. Note, I tend to stay out of the city unless it's Sunday becuase I hate the traffic.

this pic is from last Summer

I first went to Julianna's last Summer and have been going ever since. My go-to crepe is the Almighty. This is one of my favorite spots in Atlanta, and it's less than 10 minutes away from Ponce City Market. From here, you can also walk to Krog Street Market, and areas of the belt line. You can park on a side street in a neighborhood for free.

Woo, I love Dancing Goats coffee!! This location is right next to Ponce. However, there are a few locations in Atlanta. This is a great place to get work done, and it's adorable.


If you come to Atlanta, I would check this out- it's very unique and unlike anything I've ever seen. Ponce City used to be a factory and then a Sears, and then the building just sat there. Someone bought the property and turned it into a shopping center (if you would call it that). Some shops include Frye, Madewell, Alex + Ani, J. Crew, Sephora, Mountain High Outfitters, and lots of neat locally owned shops. There's a food hall on the first level, and shops on the second level and surrounding the original building. Within the food hall, there's Holeman & Finch burgers, Hop's Chicken, a juice bar, sushi, and something for everyone. You can go up on the roof for $10, and it is well worth it. Look how amazing the view is! On the roof, there is a pier park with mini golfing ($8), a huge slide ($1), and carnival themed games (which are also cheap). Parking is $2 an hour, and an additional $0.30 for every time you reset your meter. 

This is Atlanta's biggest shopping mall and they've got some great stores, anything from A-Z! Phipps Plaza is right across the way. Head over here if you're looking to do some serious shopping.

Hop's is in the food hall at Ponce, and they have the best chicken biscuits.

Shake Shack is close to Lenox, in Buckhead. They have great burgers, fries, and shakes. You can get a good meal for under $10. There are a few locations in big cities, but worth going to if you're in ATL. 

So, I have been told that this area of town is really neat, but I have a different opinion. This is not a nice part of Atlanta and not somewhere I would recommend going, especially at night. Coming here, I did not realize what I was getting myself into- this is a very sketchy area. The Vortex is here and known for their burgers, but you have to be 21 to get in after 5pm. I did go to Savage Pizza and they had amazing and cheap pizza!! However, the restaurant isn't the nicest and neither are the workers, so get it to go. Also, note that parking here is $7, and there's a good lot behind the Star Bar.

This isn't exactly in Atlanta, but it's jut north of the city. You can get an amazing view of Atlanta on top of Kennesaw mountain. I would recommend coming here to watch sunrise or sunset. 

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