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One word: STOP. Stop comparing your life to everyone else's. Comparison is the thief of all joy. God created us all to do different things and for a different purpose. Comparing your size, relationships, wealth, beauty, status, or anything in that matter will only hurt you. There is a fine line between admiring someone else's life and tearing apart your own becuase you can't help from wanting more. I know girls who will scroll through social media and tear apart their own relationship becuase it's not the same as someone else's. With social media and technology, you have to realize that you are only seeing the highs of a relationship and best features of a person. If someone breaks up with their significant other or they get in a fight, do you see it all over social media? No. Your Instagram profile shows the best features of you, and only things that you are proud of. Those bikini photos you see all over the popular page result from girls taking tons of photos of themselves on the beach at the best angles, and sharing the 1 good one out of the 50 they took. God created each of us to have different relationships with different people and gave us each a different body type!! There is beauty is being different from everyone else and honoring that God handcrafted you perfectly with your very own unique purpose.

I could go around sulking about my grades and my test anxiety, but instead I have chosen to emphasize my talents and the things I was made to do. God has a different plan for me and it looks like a 4.0 and being good at school isn't in the equation. However, I am a very motivated person and always find the best in everything!! I stopped comparing and started using my love for writing and socializing, and here I am. This is all part of his plan for me.

What ever happened to being grateful for what you do have and highlighting your positive features? Why is it that we as humans fail to forget that God gave us this amazing gift of eternal life for free? He died for our sins!! Why is the world so caught up in comparing their gift to the gifts of others? Stop comparing your gift and live authentically in the moment. When we stop comparing, we recognize wonderful things in our lives that we didn't see before. Take what you have and maximize it to its full potential. Set your soul on fire for the lord and never turn back. The more you lean on Jesus, the less you will feel the need to compare your life to others, and the more you will appreciate every moment. You are beautiful and your life is exactly how it was meant to be. Remember that.


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