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Statesboro Travel Guide: Georgia Southern University

I am a junior at Georgia Southern, so I have definitely learned a lot about this small town. People often complain about the lack of things to do, so here's a guide of some of the many things that Statesboro has to offer.


Daylight Donuts
I am obsessed with this place, awesome donuts! I never find myself going to Dunkin and Krispy Kreme, becuase this place is so much better. I recommend the sausage rolls and red velvet donut with cream cheese frosting, but everything is yummy.

I love Gnat's. I can't stress enough that everything on the menu is great. I recommend the Salmon BAC (bacon avocado tomato) Sandwich, Gnat's Club, sweet potato fries, fried pickles, and their salads. 

This place is another one of my favorites! With bar-style food, I love the wraps, burgers, sandwiches, and fish tacos.

Rounabout Cafe is a hole-in-the-wall cafe, off a round-about by Burkhalter. They have wonderfully cheap, yummy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My best friend and I always stop by here in the morning before doing contact work for YoungLife. For breakfast, everything is good. For lunch/dinner, I love the chicken avocado melt and the burger with avocado.

brunch- cinnamon bun with a side of fruit 

brunch- pancakes with a side of bacon

go-to spot for quiet time

my natural habitat

3 Tree Coffee
3 Tree has great coffee, smoothies, and brunch. Brunch is only offer on Saturday mornings. For brunch, I recommend pancakes, cinnamon bun, side of fruit or bacon, and espresso chocolate chip muffin. For coffee, I get iced lattes or iced coffee on hot days, warm lattes on cold days, and occasionally frozen coffee- all with caramel, hazelnut, or vanilla flavoring, unless I'm in a mood to change it up. I also love their green smoothies with spinach.

If you frequent 3 Tree, get a punch card for rewards. If I'm feeling social, I go to 3 Tree because I end up knowing half of the people there. You'll know people here if you get involved in a campus ministry. I basically live here when I have to get work done. 3 Tree is great between classes or when I have hours of work ahead of me. I know the owners through my church, Southbridge, and they're wonderful people. It's a Christian based company whom does a lot of mission work and gives back.

Daily Grind
The beauty of Daily Grind is its affordable prices. I get the mega iced coffee at $2.50 (I believe). The flavors change daily, and they're all wonderful- Sugar Cookie is my favorite. It's $1.50 to refill your cup, or if you bring your own reusable cup.

I also recommend the frappuccinos, they're better than Starbucks and cheaper. They offer lunch and breakfast Monday-Friday, both of which are great and affordable. I love the chicken salad sandwich (pictured above) and blueberry muffins. I get coffee to go here all the time and will occasionally work here, but they ask you to leave if you're not eating.

This is a place with bar/pub kind of food, it's awesome!! I always get a burger with avocado on it, they also have great chicken fingers and phenomenal wings. 

Dingus Magee's
In case you didn't know, Luke Bryan went to Georgia Southern and met his wife here. He was a Sigma Chi and she was an Adpi. I don't drink, but this is a well-loved bar at night. I am obsessed with their chicken fingers, and Dingus is a Statesboro classic. Dingus also has a lot of local artists (mainly country singers) play here at night.

Best sushi in all of Statesboro!!! My friends and I are obsessed with Tokyo. Seriously, all of the rolls are great, and so is all of their other food.

Sugar Magnolia Cafe
This is another one of my brunch spots, I've only been a few times. However, they have a great menu. Try to go on a Saturday or Sunday morning when they are serving brunch. The pizza is also pretty good.

Uncle Shug's Chicken Barn
I come here for Chicken biscuits all the time!! They also have quality sweet tea. This is probably the only gas station where I would also buy their food. 

I will occasionally eat sushi here instead of Tokyo, it's a fancier restaurant.

Fordham's Farmhouse
This is an awesome local brunch spot, and I love it! I like this better than IHOP and other chains, plus it's cheaper. Fordham's offers a student discount.

The Smoque Pit
This is a barbecue restaurant that opened last year and it's really good. I've been wanting to try their brunch.

Chow Time Buffet
I am only mentioning this place because my boyfriend loves it. For $10 (at lunch time) it's all-you-can-eat sushi, a wide variety of seafood, desserts, and much more. Honestly, it's really good for what you pay and absolutely nothing like Golden Corral. The sushi doesn't beat Tokyo, but it's good- especially if you're on a budget.

Franchises: Dunkin, Starbucks, Chik-fil-a, Cracker Barrel, IHOP, Chicken Salad Chick, Cook Out, Insomnia Cookies, Shane's Rib Shack, Sonic, Waffle House, Arby's, Your Pie, Honey Baked Ham

Things to Do

Gentilly Trail
Gentilly, also known as the S&S Greenway, features a concrete path and others trails off to the side. I frequent my morning runs with Gracie here. If you go off the trail, there are some great spots to eno. 

Kayaking at Black Water Preserve
Kayaking for students is $15 for 4 hours or $20 per day, or you can get the $25/month student membership for unlimited. You can also camp, hunt, and fish here. If you go camping, a kayak or canoe is included for your entire stay. If camping, you can rent camping gear including a tent from the Georgia Southern RAC, if you're a student. 

The Clubhouse has mini golf, bowling, go-carts, laser tag, and a ton of arcade games. I'm not normally a huge fan of this kinda thing, but some of my friends love this place.

Georgia Southern Golf Course
I've only been golfing here once, but my boyfriend plays all the time and loves it. The course is only 15 minutes from campus and offers discounts to students.

Ride a Dirt Road
Dirt roads are my thing, hence the photos. I love riding dirt roads to see where they go; it's a great stress-reliever, if you go alone or with your dog. I have found some of my best sunset spots from riding random dirties. Bonus: some dirt roads have pretty wildflowers you can pick and stick in a mason jar! If ya find some really good ones, you can have a photo shoot. If you like to go mudding, just wait til it rains and you're set. I also go out here to see cows or play a game of house hunting.

Pick Cotton
This is kind of a joke, but also not really. My friends and I have gone to a random field and picked cotton around midnight. This started as a joke, but we've done it a few times. I also shoot fall blog photos here. Ride some dirt roads and you'll find plenty of cotton fields.

Abandoned Places: 
Harville HouseMeat Packing Factory 
You can find lots of abandoned places from just driving along random dirt roads in Statesboro. I really do love living out in the country. There's a ton of abandoned places, but the Harville House and meat packing factory are among some of the most popular, both are said to be haunted.

Go to a Petting Zoo at a Gas Station
There is a Chevron off of exit 98 on I-16 that has a ton of animals. There's lots of goats and various animals. In May, there was a baby goat, and they even have an emu. The animals are very friendly and love people. I recommend bringing food to feed them. This is on the way to Savannah and mostly any other beach, so you might as well stop by.

Statesboro has a ton of great boutiques, as most college towns do. Some of my favorites are Cheeky Bliss, Entourage, Dish, Walker's, Sole, and Maddie Bea. I'd also recommend Southern Outfitters: R. J. Pope, Anderson's, and The Sir Shop. For Georgia Southern Gear, go to Southern Exchange Co. As far as chains go, we have a Tj Maxx and Hobby Lobby.. no Target :(.

Southbridge Church
This is the non-denominational church that I go to every Sunday. The sermons with Stewart Moody, Southbridge lead pastor, are what drew me in. They also have awesome worship! I went to Connection my freshman year, but switched to Southbridge for a smaller feel. Connection has A+ worship, but I just didn't love the sermons I'd also recommend Compassion. Only downside to Compassion is that sometimes the sermons live-stream on a screen from another campus.

Statesboro Farmers Market
The Farmers Market is open every Saturday morning, I go every week. There's tons of fresh produce, fresh flowers, and local vendors.

Go See Baby Chicks
Ducks are one of my favorite animals and I am obsessed with baby chicks; they just bring me so much joy. Anderson's General Store often has baby chicks. I also just enjoy going in this store. It's right across form Fordham's Farmhouse.

Day Trips

Aside from the country scenery, the best part about living in Statesboro is the short drive to lots of cities, which happen to be popular vacation destinations! I frequent Charleston and Savannah the most.

Savannah - 40 minute drive
go to this waffle place

Tybee - 1 hour drive

Hilton Head 1.5 hour drive

Jekyll & St. Simmons - 2 hour drive

Charleston - 2.5 hour drive


TMT Farms Christmas Light Display
This place is awesome. If you're here during the holidays, you must go! This is the biggest display of drive-through Christmas lights that I've ever seen, and it's absolutely phenomenal. The best part is that it's absolutely free, but I do encourage you to bring cans of food to donate. I really appreciate the kindness of people to set this up for the community each year.

The fair comes around every fall, and it's oh so fun. Personally, I just go to pet the camel, ride the ferris wheel, and eat fried oreos.

Game Day
If you go to Georgia Southern or live in Statesboro, you've GATA be an eagles fan and rep blue and white. Game Day is one of the only occasions when you'll come across bad traffic in this town, and people take game day very seriously. If you're a student, you get in free with your student ID, and receive free guest passes.

I've fallen in love with this cute little town, and it'll break my heart when I leave in two years. It's crazy to think that I'm half way through my time here. I loved Georgia Southern so much, that I couldn't get myself to transfer to UGA- video on that here.

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