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9 Must Listen Podcasts for Influencers & Entrepreneurs

I have been commuting to Atlanta for my internship this summer. Normally, my commute is half an hour without traffic. However, if you're from Atlanta then you know how traffic is. It has taken me two hours to get home before in the rain- which is when traffic is the worst. On an average day, if I get stuck behind a wreck, my commute will probably take me an hour or more. I got to the point where music wasn't cutting it and I needed something else to occupy my mind on my commute.

Recently, I have gotten very into podcasts and the topic of entrepreneurship. I discovered sermons from my favorite pastors on the Apple podcasts app a few months ago and have been listening to those on road trips. One morning I was sitting in standstill traffic on the way to my internship and I decided to search "social media" on the podcasts app. The first business podcast I ever discovered was Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher. From that moment, I've been hooked on podcasts about business, social media, and entrepreneurship; below are my favorites.

Not only do these podcasts entertain my idle mind on my commute, but they make my commute bearable. They encourage me and remind me why I deal with Atlanta traffic, why I commute for my internship without pay, and what I am working towards. It's a great way to start the workday with fresh motivation.

From researching entrepreneurship and learning about others who are working to do the same thing that I am... I realized I have been doing a "side hustle" with YouTube & blogging for years, way back when I started my channel in 9th grade. I would come home from school after my sports, homework, clubs, & occasional babysitting or petsitting gigs and work on YouTube. I continued to do the same thing into my junior-senior year of high school when working retail up to 40 hours/week at Vineyard Vines. I have continued to do the same thing in college in my free time when I'm not doing YoungLife or school work. However, I now have a few creative projects including YouTube, blog, RedBubble stickers, and Passion & Co.  

Everyone is doing a "side hustle" working on their creative projects after their 9-5 jobs. It's the daily "grind" of the routine from constantly working. Entrepreneurs tend to be work-a-holics who are driven, determined, and passionate about their creative work. From a young age, I've always had ideas, and though thought I would one day work for myself.

Leave a comment if you're also a creative influencer or entrepreneur with your links. I'd love to check out your content and/or business & hear your story! I thrive & get so excited when I hear others talk about their passions (on a serious note actually). Heck, I'm excited right now to post this & read comments. Also, leave a comment with your favorite podcasts!!!

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  1. I love Goal Digger and How I Built This! I'll have to check out Hashtagged - it sounds really good.

    xo, brooke

  2. Yes yes yes, it's so good! You will also probably really like the influencer podcast and online marketing made easy. Thanks for reading and for the comment!


  3. I really liked this post! Looking forward to listening to “How I Built This” because I grew up listening to NPR :)

    Indira from www.indirasinnerbeauty.com