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Georgia Southern: Everything You Need to Know

I have gotten so many requests to do a video and post or Q&A about Georgia Southern, so here's all of that in one. It would take hours to talk about every aspect of Georgia Southern, so I've linked other content on more specific topics.

What is move-in day like? 

I rushed my freshman year (Fall 16) (video about sorority rush here), so I moved in with 700+ girls, a week earlier than everybody else. That alone was hectic, so I can't even imagine the actual move-in date.

How much is tuition and are you satisfied with the experience you've had so far? 

According to Georgia Southern's site, in-state tuition is $3711 per semester when enrolled in 15 credit hours. This is before financial aid and Georgia's Hope scholarship (covers 81.68% of tuition), if either of these apply to you. Freshman year is the most expensive becuase you must also pay for dorms and the meal plan, which are both ridiculous. You can enroll at East Georgia as a freshman and live off-campus, getting out of paying for dorms and meal plan, plus tuition is cheaper at around $2181/semester before scholarships. If I had known about this my freshman year, I would've done it. The only limitations are really that you can't rush a sorority, but you can sophomore when you transfer over.. which I would recommend over rushing freshman year.

After freshman and sophomore year, I'm still at Georgia Southern, so yes I would say I am satisfied with the experience I've had so far. It's not necessarily the college, but more so what you make of it through the organizations you get involved with and the people you surround yourself with.

Do you like the size?

There are around 20,000 students enrolled at Georgia Southern. For comparison, UGA has around 37,000. I think Georgia Southern is a good size becuase I am constantly seeing people I know on campus, while still meeting new people daily. For me, it's the perfect size.

Does Georgia Southern live up to its party reputation?

Like any college, it's really who you get involved with. There is some kind of party going on almost every night of the week, and there's a lot more temptation to drink in a sorority or fraternity. However, the campus ministries here are amazing and the majority of my best friends do not drink. If you don't want Georgia Southern to be a party school, it won't be, and vice versa.

What's the best part about Georgia Southern? What do people wear to football games?

For me, the best part about Georgia Southern and college in general is the friends I've made. For football games, I normally wear my cowboy boots with a dress or denim skirt. I normally wear navy, and I'll occasionally wear gold/yellow or white with hints of blue and gold. Folks also wear the trendy "sorority style" with flare jeans, OTBT wedges, off the shoulder tops, etc.. if you know what I mean.

Do you go to a church in Statesboro? If so which one?

Yes, I go to Southbridge church in Statesboro. I like it becuase it's a smaller size and a lot of the people I lead YoungLife with also attend. My boyfriend and I love Southbridge becuase of the pastor and his sermons, but we also love the worship and community. I would also recommend Connection or Compassion. I went to Connection my freshman year before I found Southbridge. I think it's a great idea to "church hop" when you first move to Statesboro, same with campus ministries. For campus ministries, I'd recommend Wesley, Campus Outreach, CRU, and YoungLife.. there are so many!!!

Student Life, Campus, People

There are so many different groups of people at Georgia Southern. I feel that campus life here is very diverse... You have greek life, campus ministry, athletes, intramural teams, video gaming club, groups from different majors, Caucasians, African Americans, ethnically diverse people, strange people, etc. Let's be real here, there's "weird" people everywhere you go. Chances are, you probably think I'm strange and that's perfectly alright with me.

**I started a group chat on Instagram @dariasmithyt with people who follow my content and go to Georgia Southern. It's a great way to meet people, DM me if you would like to be added! Best of luck to incoming freshman, I hope you love Statesboro as much as I do!

xx, God Bless,

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