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Summer Internship with Country Club Prep

As many of you know, I have a summer internship in Atlanta with Country Club Prep for May and June. My internship focuses on social media and content creation, tasks similar to working with social media in a Public Relations career. I am a rising junior and study Public Relations and Journalism at Georgia Southern University. If you want to know what I plan to do with my life career wise, watch this video.

My History with CCP

I began shopping with CCP around 2010 and have been a brand rep since my junior year of high school. Email me at xcgal98@gmail.com for a 20% off discount code. I had quick success with my viewers' love for CCP & quickly became a top rep. I've loved the company since 2010 and have grown a passion for CCP over the past 8-9 years.

Getting the Internship

I did not apply for the internship, but simply messaged the founders of CCP on LinkedIn, asking about a possible summer internship. I had met Matt and Steve (founders) in person at warehouse sales in Atlanta before. I had a call with Matt and due to working with the company prior, they decided I would be a good fit for an intern. For this Summer, I wanted something flexible with quality experience for my resume. Next summer, I am trying to land an internship with National Geographic or Patagonia to potentially work for them after college. I considered it this summer, but wanted more experience before applying.


In the social media realm, I have been running the CCP Pinterest, scheduling out pins with Hootsuite and experimenting with the business side of Pinterest. Pinterest is this huge, confusing beast that I am trying to tackle from a business standpoint. Personally, I love it and it could occupy me for hours as a consumer. This is great experience, and I can also learn from it to use Pinterest to help grow my own following.

I have done a few Instagram posts, but not many. I have been focusing on engagement for Instagram, and managing the story more. My favorite thing that I have been able to do is interview the entrepreneurs of some of the brands CCP carries for posts on the CCP blog. I am fascinated with the topic of entrepreneurship and live for building authentic relationships with people. A brand comes to life and has a personality when you hear their story and get to know the founder. So far, I have interviewed Bryan Horn of Over Under, Peter Carter of Smathers & Branson, and am going to the Southern Proper office in Atlanta next week.

As stated, I do a lot of content creation and have done a few shoots for CCP with their products. I do not consider myself a photographer by any means at all, but I can take decent photos, which can definitely be used on social media. After all, I have been blogging and Instagramming for several years now. It is a lot more work than you would think from finding my own models, scheduling a time to shoot that work with my friends' schedules during golden hour, taking the photos, to editing at the end. I also have to decide what we are going to shoot and pull outfits, and pick the location.

I have also focused on blogger outreach and found bloggers for CCP to collaborate with. As an influencer, I get pitches for collaborations from companies all the time, and it's insightful to experience the process on the other side. I am learning so much from doing what I do for my content, from a merchant's standpoint and doing the work for a company.

Currently, I am trying to figure out how to get CCP registered as a merchant for ShopStyle or RewardStyle, and let me tell ya I am on the struggle bus. There are no resources about this on the web and affiliate sites are shy about offering information on their steep prices. Apparently, you must be part of an affiliate network like ShareASale or Ratuken to join ShopStyle, thus it's a pricy venture. If you have any knowledge, please help ya girl out in an email or contact me and we can schedule a phone call.

Requirements & Skills Necessary for Internship

In order to work in PR, you must be well-rounded and possess skills in many different areas. PR is very wide and multi-faceted, advertising and journalism are a part of the business. However, they are not the same. You must be self-sufficient and function well on your own. Yes of course, go to your boss for guidance, but they do not need to walk you step by step. Employers want employees that know what to do without being told, they do not want to babysit you. Who would?!

I have had to use a lot of creativity involved with content creation during this internship. The thing with social media is that there's no mold or instruction guide to success. You have to take an idea and run with it. You alter things and adhere to the standards and feedback set by your audience. Implement an idea, and see where it goes.. trial and error. I come up with ideas and run them by Matt and Steve, but then I execute and figure it out mostly on my own. Social media is constantly changing, so I am trying new things and researching daily.. as I will be the rest of my career. For instance, the confusing concepts of the new Instagram algorithm. What you used to do no longer works, so you have to figure something else out.


No, my internship is not paid. I normally going into the office 10-15 hours a week Monday-Wednesday. I do a lot of work from home, since I focus on social media and creating content. Some of my best work is done outside the office. I would rather have an unpaid internship that I love, rather than a paid internship that I hate.. or worse, work retail.

10/10 Would Recommend CCP

Matt and Steve are great guys to work for, and I couldn't recommend working for them more. They're intelligent and passionate about CCP. Funny, they practiced law after graduating from UVA and quit their jobs to start CCP. Matt and Steve truly care about their employees and I would work for them again. If I'm sick, need a day off, or want to work from home one day, they are so understanding/flexbile! They're genuine folks and understand when life happens.

I hope this answered your questions and you got some insight from this post. Contact me if you have any other questions!

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  1. Congrats on the internship Daria!!
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    1. Thank you so much!! Also, thanks for reading this post and leaving a comment, makes my day to read what y'all have to say!