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What I'm Doing With My Life: Majors, Career, Life Plans

Adults and people in general love to ask me, "What are you doing with your life?" Truth is, I don't have my life together.. and I have come to realize that I never will becuase there will always be something to improve. However, I do have career goals and a "plan" as to what I would like to do with my majors. Ultimately, God controls his plan for my life, so I can have ideas but nothing is set in stone.

I am double majoring in Public Relations and Journalism at Georgia Southern University, graduating in 2020. Originally, I enrolled as a Fashion Merchandising major with hopes of becoming a buyer, but did not realize that a fashion forecaster impacted my decisions. Since I have run a YouTube channel and blog for years, and manage my own social media.. Public Relations is part of what I am doing now. Thus, it just made sense to choose that as a major.

I planned on transferring to University of Georgia after my first two years at Southern, until I realized how far ahead I am with credits. I would have graduated in a semester with a PR degree after transferring to UGA. Since I would like to spend my full four years in college, I added a Journalism major. UGA offers both Journalism and Public Relations in Grady College, but I would not be able to double major nor minor because the college is the second most high demand in all of UGA, second behind Terry College of Business. They do not allow students to complete more than one major or add a minor in this college becuase there is not enough room.

I chose to add a Journalism major becuase a common problem has risen in which Public Relations graduates do not possess strong writing skills. I have always been a strong writer and loved writing ever since I was young. With my major classes I have taken thus far, I have loved every single one of them.. except Mass Communications Law. After taking Intro to Journalism, I also learned that I definitely do not want to be a news reporter.

I am currently interning with Country Club Prep, specializing in social media and content creation, whom I have worked for over the past 4 years. Originally, I was going to apply for an internship with National Geographic or Patagonia.. but I wanted something more laid back this summer. I also wanted to build my resume before I applied for extremely competitive internships. Once I graduate, I would like to manage the social media for National Geographic or Patagonia.

I should have a good shot at working for NatGeo or Patagonia out of college if I can land an internship with one of them next summer. Otherwise, I hope to work for a smaller company such as Over Under or Southern Proper before landing my dream job... or maybe even Passion City Church or YoungLife. Until I start applying for jobs senior year, whom I work for is up in the air.

I do not plan to work under someone and work in PR for the rest of my life. Once I am well off financially, I plan to start my own business.. if not sooner. As of right now, I plan to continue running my YouTube channel and blog along side my career. Hopefully this answered your questions if you were curious! Feel free to DM me on Instagram @dariasmithyt or leave a comment if you have any other questions.

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