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Country and Class is a Southern lifestyle blog and a collective of folks who could be my best friends. My aesthetic is somewhere between country and classic, hence the name. This website is a digital content depiction of my everyday life and passions, highly influenced by the South, Jesus, and my college experiences. Thus, it's an ongoing, ever-evolving project; a work in progress, just like you and me.

Hey Y'all, I'm Daria

I am a 20-year-old college gal and avid lover of dogs, Jesus, & brunch! Currently, I am pursuing a double major in public relations and journalism at Georgia Southern University. I live in South Georgia with my german shorthaired pointer, Gracie (find her on Instagram, @graciegsp). 

I've always had a passion for creating, especially writing, which led me to start this blog to complement my YouTube channel. Eight years ago, I began creating content on YouTube. This journey has taught me that vulnerability is essential to a life well-lived.

My Story

At a young age, I developed a resilient drive to thrive and achieve my goals. But, I struggled to complete simple tasks, I was always a little "slow." Within the past 18 months, I have been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, and anxiety. This doesn't inhibit success but does mean that my brain functions differently. I attribute these "disorders" to my drive for success and innovation. 

I function at a million miles per hour, in one hundred different directions. I like things neat and organized, I work ahead. My brain thrives on color-coding, schedules, to-do lists, calendars, and deadlines. I'm constantly thinking of new ideas and which one I'm going to tackle next. I either tackle something head-on, full of passion or not at all. I don't stop until I've achieved perfection. I am a work-a-holic, but I'm learning balance. I am learning to give myself grace. 

I'm anything but average. Most of my free time is devoted to leading Young Life and getting to know Jesus on a more intimate level. I have a hunger for knowledge, which has led me to consume a wide range of literature. Much of my time is actively spent outdoors: running with Gracie, fishing, kayaking, etc. I love traveling and exploring new cities, frequently Charleston and Savannah on the weekends.

More things that make me smile: green smoothies, sunflowers, coffee, my bible, sunrise, "farmhouse" interiors, Target, J. Crew, Joanna Gaines, shopping, snail mail, hand-lettering, avocado toast, Alan Jackson, riding dirt roads, happy crying, the list goes on...

Objectives & Mission

I find joy in the little things, as it doesn't take much to make me smile. I love God and I love people. I believe that each and every one of us was created with a unique calling or "passion." My mission is to connect with people and curate authentic relationships. When individuals express their passions, their eyes gleam and suddenly you've reached a new level of intimacy and understanding. I feel the Lord's presence so much in these moments. 

I have a niche for creating content and sharing it with the world. Because of this, I get to link with so many wonderful humans and organizations and hear the features of their lives. I've learned to embrace the chaos that is my life and accept that I'm never going to get my life "together." That's my brand and what's you'll discover on my little corner of the internet. Subscribe to do life with this blessed mess.


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